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Measure the key performance metrics with reports to automate workflows. The product itself tests on real hardware and reveals the errors before the user has time to find them. Knowing we would be featuring so many devices, screen sizes and scene scales – a small tool was built for quickly customizing each device layer to vary form-factors and aesthetics. An almost infinite variety of phones and tablets can be created and customized to fit each scene.

xamarin test cloud

Right-click the ‘References’ node in the test project and add the Droid and iOS project. Like I have mentioned before, the IApp object, which is in the app variable, contains all the methods to compose our tests. For instance, app.Tap() allows you to tap an element on the screen just like a user would. In most of the methods, you can pass a func object. Besides the Tap method, there is also DoubleTap, PinchToZoomIn, ClearText and DismissKeyboard, to name a few. Add a test project to your solution by right-clicking your solution, go to ‘Add’ and choose ‘New Project…’.

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Read on to find out the peculiarities of this process. Xamarin.UITest embeds in solution rather easy, almost in a couple of clicks. You just need to create another one project for UI tests. Trying to run UITest using TestCloud in AppCenter for Xamarin Forms project, both Android and iOS, on both I receive same error when trying to run tests via the appcenter-cli. In the screenshot below, you see charts that show the number of tests and devices passed, as well as the list of test cases executed. You also see some more general information about your execution in the top right.

xamarin test cloud

You can write the scripts in whatever tooling you want and upload the scripts along with the binaries of your app. This also means that not only C# Xamarin apps are supported, but also native iOS in Swift or Objective-C and Android Java apps. But when you think about it; the number of devices and power that you get for this money is enormous.

E-Commerce Platforms cannot be effectively used for testing certain hardware features like NFC technology and Bluetooth Pairing. But still, enterprises prefer Xamarin Test Cloud and to know more please check the official Xamarin guide. GeneratingTheDetailedReports Xamarin Test Cloud simplifies the generation of detailed test reports. The testers even have options to generate reports for individual tests.

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Acceptance Tests—these tests are carried out to validate the functionality of the application. They just check if the app functionality meets the expectations related to the functionality agreed at the beginning of development. UITest is based on the popular NUnit framework, so there is also big support from the community. If you have your application already written in C# , you probably should choose UITest framework because you are familiar with the language.

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Make sure it is created on Debug mode; if you do it on Release mode, it will not work because the ENABLE_TEST_CLOUD flag has been set for Debug mode. In Visual Studio, install a new Nuget package called “Xamarin.TestCloud.Agent” in your iOS project. This first blog of the series provides a brief description of App Center and Xamarin.UITest.

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  • But on the other hand this tool supports tesing of native apps on Java and Objective-C.

Alternatively, testers can use Calabash to write tests based on behavior-driven development methodology. It provides the device cloud & the automation framework which leads to perfect integration and continuous improvements. The Test Cloud now also supports the Appium framework. These automated tests run on the application’s UI and validate the application’s Behaviour irrespective of the framework used to write the tests.

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As your app grows in complexity, this can become a big performance hit. To work around this, you can create a separate build configuration which holds a special compiler directive. You can sort by useful What is Xamarin Test Cloud properties such as the estimated wait time. This time refers to the time that your test is queued in Test Cloud, in other words; how long do you generally have to wait before it is your turn.

xamarin test cloud

Perfecto is a cloud-based mobile app testing tool that is designed to help test applications on different operating systems and devices. The solution lets users automate processes related to advanced test scenarios and access browser versions and devices according to individual requirements. On the test cloud, the app is installed, and tests are executed on different supported physical devices. Frameworks used in Xamarin Test Cloud services cannot interact independently with mobile applications. You need an automation library to run the tests on the device.

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Xamarin does not support all the available third-party libraries for Android and iOS, and developers need to spend additional time and effort on the required new elements. Both are built on Mono, an open-source version of the .NET framework based on the .NET ECMA standard. Mono has been around for many years as the .NET framework itself. Xamarin converts the Android and iOS Software Development Kit to C# so that it can be easily understood by the developer community. Write cross-platform applications that use C# as a programming language with support for Visual Studio. Xamarin applications are developed using C#, an improved version compared to Java and Objective-C.

xamarin test cloud

Windows Phone is not supported and Andrew personally think it is a disadvantage of this tool. But on the other hand this tool supports tesing of native apps on Java and Objective-C. The awesome things about these tests is that it can compare values like these and check if an error snuck in there, but it also checks for usability.

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This is something that can be done with Xamarin Test Cloud. The frameworks mentioned above test the mobile app functionality, but they do not interact with the app directly. For that, you need something called Xamarin Test Cloud Agent. It is not a mystery that manual tests are expensive. Sometimes, there are just too many features for manual testing—you might have no choice but to automate.

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